There are, on occasion, events that change they way you look at your life. They can be as small as the way a bird chirps, the color of a sunrise, or the discovery of a book. Or the events can be large — a death of a friend or family member, a personal crisis, or a journey.

Manon Clarkeson’s life has taken a devastating turn. She feels as though she’s falling apart and doesn’t know who she truly is. Her solution? To take her bike and travel throughout Australia.

Hopping on a train with only her bike and some money, Manon is looking forward to discovering herself. For years, Manon has been called hopeless by her dramatic and often cruel mother. And her father’s inability to stand up for her has become overwhelmingly frustrating.

This solo journey is Manon's way to self-discovery. This, she believes, is the start of her new life. No longer will she be known as the girl who limps from a childhood accident. No longer will she be known as the girl who doesn’t own proper sandals. Maybe now she will be a First Class person, like she’s always thought she should be.

Perhaps on this journey, Manon will discover that she’s not hopeless. Maybe she’ll discover who and what she wants in her life.

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