Ms. G’s Tribune
I send a newsletter home each week and let them know what we are going to be covering and how they can help with supplies and at-home support.
Caitlin G.

Ask the Audience
At parent orientation, I do icebreaking activities with games and manipulatives. I tell parents these are some of the things their children will experience and ask if they have any favorite at-home activities they do with their kids that they might share with the class.
Veronica P.

Guess Who?
Mystery Readers! During Curriculum Night, we have parents sign up to come in and read a book of their choosing to the class at a later date. Parents give me several “clues” that I share with the class before they arrive, and the students guess who might be reading to us that day.
Susan P. D.

Good Dog
Our building started a “Watch Dog” program where dads are invited to shadow their child for a day.
Beth D.

Split Up
I invite them in to help with small groups.
Denise W.

Stroll Down Memory Lane
I engage parents and grandparents in conversation and gently guide the discussion to how children played when they were kids. I encourage them to recount their stories and find experiences to share with the children.
April E.

Call an Expert
I talk about our [curriculum] and ask if there is anything they can help with or any experiences they might share with students.
Susan K. L.

Book Drive
We ask parents if there are theme-related books they would like to donate or share with the classroom. We also ask them to share photos of places traveled to and activities they’re involved with in the community. This gets our class discussions going, and all the children become excited about what we are learning.
Rebecca L.

Be Magnetic
I send home a magnetized card with my contact info and Web address to show that I’m available and want to keep them informed.
Jessica L. T.

Home Sweet Home
My school requires that we do home visits for all our students. It’s definitely an interesting experience!
Crystal R. 

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Image: Don Hammond