How do you keep order in your classroom?

Sunny-Side Up
Be preventative and not reactive. Positivity breeds productivity!
Kimberly M.

Don’t Bluff
Mean what you say, and say what you mean. If you give a consequence, be prepared to see it through.
Stephanie P.

A Family Affair
Work with families. Call parents before the first day of school and build relationships with them for the benefit of their children.
Linda M.

Laugh About It
Humor can be your best behavior management tool.
Jennifer B.

Relationship Advice
Build relationships! Greet students at the door with a smile, and take every opportunity to say “thank you.”
Jen C.

Happy Helpers
Let students help out with everything they can, depending on their age and ability! It will save you from doing it, and they’ll take pride and ownership!
Janet S.

Be a Role Model
Relationships matter. So does modeling. If you don’t treat kids with respect, how do you expect them to treat you with it?
Patty J.

Inside Voice
Loud is weakness; quiet is strength.
Melissa B.

The Two F’s
Clear and reasonable expectations and consistency are key to classroom management. I use equal parts firmness and fun.
Erica R. M.

Spreading Praise
Point out who is doing very well, right next to someone who is off task.
Karen S.

A Time for Everything
Let students know there’s a time to play and a time to work. If they want to play, they have to be able to work. Build on that and follow through.
Kristy T.

Can’t vs. Won’t
There is a difference between can’t and won’t. Figure out why your student can’t do what you have asked instead of assuming they won’t.
Laurie W.

Teacher Time-Out
When you feel yourself getting frustrated, take a breath and put everything on hold—you would hate to say something you didn’t mean!
Natasha D.

Magic Words
Always be respectful, no matter how poorly a student is behaving. I always say please and thank you. It goes a long way and they tend to listen more.
Nadine B.