How do you collaborate with fellow teachers?

Social Network
Our school has a monthly “No Teacher Left Behind” event. We vary activities—walk the trail, go bowling, dine out together, attend a movie, do a game night at someone’s house. We even did an overnight trip one year! Be creative with your time together.
Janet W. S.

It Takes a School
As the reading teacher, I collaborated with our music teacher, our art/dance teacher, and our second-grade teachers on a musical based on The Toy Farmer (a book written by my brother). We wrote five songs for students to sing, and every second grader had a speaking role. It was magical.
Dan P.

Traveling Show
I teach second grade and love having a co-teacher! I love the dynamic of two educators’ minds working together, and it’s wonderful to have two people to edit the children’s work. Also, our reading interventionist, a published writer, has created a great 2–6 writing program. She calls herself “The Roaming Writer” and has decorated a small grocery cart, equipped with a bicycle horn, to carry all her supplies from room to room.
Cindy W.

Adapt and Thrive
I have co-taught how to write a children’s book with a fifth-grade coworker, and I do the vocabulary lessons for a second-grade teacher who has a lot of my ESL students. It really depends on the needs of the teachers and class that year.
Laura B. E.

Beautiful Minds
My team teachers and I do planning every Thursday. It’s amazing the ideas we come up with. Four minds are better than one.
Traci C. W.

Camp for Grownups
I found amazing new ideas from discussions with area educators at edcamp (edcampgranitestate.event! This movement is a fantastic idea! I can’t wait for the next one to happen near me.
Brittany G.

Get a Library Pass
The best teacher to collaborate with is the teacher-librarian!
Nina J.

Nothing Like Shakey Bill
We created a nine-week look at Shakespeare and Twelfth Night. We learned clickers together, and, because we used costumes, our students were crazy about the play —and found Shakey Bill a hoot.
Katie W.

Licensed to Teach
I’m marrying one. Even though he teaches second grade and I teach fourth (at the same school), we bounce ideas off each other all the time. It’s ultimate teamwork, and we both love what we do, so it never gets old!
Mary G. 

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