The holiday break is coming and your students may be getting antsy, so take a break from the daily rigors of classwork with a creative project. This simple craft will keep them focused and having fun.

What You Need

Each student should have his or her own setup with all of the following:

  • Green, yellow and brown paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Craft sticks: two large, three medium, and two small
  • Wooden star cutout or small die-cut star
  • Decorations such as glitter, stickers, sequins, and foam cutout
  • Craft glue

What You Do

  1. Students should take a large craft stick and place it vertically, to make a base for the other sticks.
  2. Next, to make the bottom branch of the tree: Glue a second large craft stick across the bottom of the first, leaving just enough room to form a tree trunk.
  3. Have students glue the three medium-sized sticks horizontally above the large stick.
  4. Next, they will glue the small sticks above the medium sticks, leaving enough room for a star on top.
  5. Have students paint the tree trunk brown and the branches green -- or whatever colors they are inspired to use!
  6. Set aside to dry.
  7. Paint the star yellow, or use glitter and glue to jazz it up. Set aside to dry.
  8. After all elements are dry, glue the star to the top of the tree.
  9. Finally, children can add any other decorations they like to the trees.