Follow the fascinating life story of an African princess who became a prisoner doomed to be executed, but was rescued and brought to England as a ward of Queen Victoria.

The warriors were Dahomans, ruled by a cruel and powerful king named Gezo. They were responsible for much of the slave trade in Africa. That's why Commander Forbes came to him on behalf of Queen Victoria, to ask him to give up the slave trade and sell palm oil instead. One of Gezo's prisoners was the girl. She had been held in solitary confinement ever since she'd been captured in that bloody raid two years before, and today it was her turn to die. At the last minute, Forbes was able to persuade Gezo to spare the little girl. Forbes was allowed to take her to England, to meet Queen Victoria.

What must it have been like for her? She had spent her first five years in a small remote African village, had seen her parents killed, had been imprisoned for two years, was rescued within moments of her death and then taken halfway around the world to a strange country where she was befriended by a Queen. How could a 7 year old cope with these overwhelming changes?