Question:  I am a new teacher at day care and I have to do a lesson plan about “get acquainted” for first week and I am not able to understand how to do it.  May I ask your help?

Myrna Shure:   I have found that preschool children love to play a version of the Memory Game.   

  • Bring 3 children up to the front.  Each child has to say their first name, and the rest of the class has to try and remember what they say.
  • Start by asking each child in the front to say his or her first name.
  • Once they’ve done that, ask the rest of the class:  “Who can tell us each child’s name?” Let the children help each other to remember each of the three names. Next, ask each child standing at the front to repeat his or her first name and a food they like to eat. For example, “My name is Jane and I like pizza.”
  • Then ask the rest of the class:  “Who can tell us their names, AND, what food they like?”
  • Again, let the rest of the class help each other to remember the names and the foods.
  • Next, ask another three children to come up and ask the same questions, changing the category each time – such as favorite song, TV show, color, etc.
  • If 3 children at a time is too easy, you can add a child as the level of the group permits.

Note:  If a child can’t think of a response to a category, give him or her a choice, eg., hamburgers or chicken?

I think you’ll find the children will enjoy this game, and get to know each other at the same time.