Author and illustrator David Costello needs your help. The creator of the charming monster adventure Here They Come! is looking for ideas for a new story, and he's going right to the experts - kids!

Your class can send in imaginative suggestions for characters, settings, and storylines. Post your classes' ideas on our Monster Story Discussion Board by November 7. David will select submissions from classes across the country. Then you can watch him bring the ideas to life in a video demonstration from his studio.

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David Costello Invites Your Students to Share Their Story Ideas

Help to get students' ideas flowing by using questions to elicit descriptive words. Below are some suggestions for questions - you can use your own list of creative questions to help students think up truly unique features and descriptions.

Character Description

  • What Should the Main Monster Character Look Like?
  • What kind of feet should he have? How Many toes * Are his ears floppy like an elephant or pointy like a cat?
  • What color is the creature?
  • How many eyes?
  • What's its name?
  • How did it get its name?
  • Is it a girl or a boy?


  • Does our monster live in a murky swamp? Under a rock? In the middle of the city?
  • Does the story take place in the morning? At night?
  • Is it a special day in the monster's life?

Action of the Story

  • What is the monster doing today? Eating spaghetti? Making its bed? Reading a book?
  • Who does the monster meet in the story?
  • Does something happen that makes the monster happy? Sad? Scared? Describe what happened.

Send your class ideas to us by posting them on the discussion board.

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