Turn a brown bag into a cute little friend who sits on your desk and collects your Valentine's Day goodies!







What You Need

  • Brown paper bags, one per student
  • Large red die-cut hearts, one per student
  • 9- by 12-inch red construction paper, one sheet per student
  • Small pink die-cut hearts, six per student
  • Googly eyes, two per student
  • Pink pom-poms, one per student
  • Heart stickers
  • Glue sticks
  • Thin black markers

What You Do

  1. Students begin by gluing two pink die-cut hearts onto the center of the large red die-cut heart, as shown.
  2. Next, glue one googly eye in the middle of each of the pink hearts.
  3. Have your students glue a pink pom-pom onto the middle of the large red heart to represent the nose.
  4. Students then use the black markers to draw a smile on the large red heart to complete the Heart Buddy's face.
  5. Help your students glue the Heart Buddy's face on the top of one side of the brown bag. When the bag is standing upright, it should be able to open behind the face.
  6. Let your students decorate the bag below the Heart Buddy's face with heart stickers and the black markers.
  7. Have your students cut three 12- by 1-inch strips from the red construction paper, and then cut  one of these strips in half to create two 6- by 1-inch strips. Note: If your students are in lower grades, you may want to prepare the construction paper strips before doing the craft in class.
  8. Help your students fold the two 6-inch strips of red paper like accordions, as shown, and glue the strips to the bottom of the brown bag to make legs.
  9. Have the students glue one pink die-cut heart to the end of each leg as feet.
  10. Have your students accordion-fold the two 12-inch strips of red paper. Help them glue these strips to the sides of the brown bag to make arms.
  11. Have your students complete their Heart Buddies by gluing one pink die-cut heart to the end of each arm for hands.