The following movies are example of student-created multimedia stories.

The Barn – iMovie
Michelle's Middle School students created photo essays about something important to them. Each student was allowed to check out a digital camera to take pictures at home. The students then wrote narrative essays and used their images as illustrations. Students brainstormed (PDF) for their rough draft by using Inspiration and the final product was a video created with iMovie. An example is Anna's iMovie essay, "The Barn."

"Earthway Farm – iMovie
While touring Earthway farm, Gayle's 1st graders used a digital video camera to record their trip. The students took turns operating the camera. The next day, as a whole group activity, they imported the video into iMovie, edited it to make it shorter, and added titles. It was exported as a QuickTime movie to put on the class Web site.
An example is “The Farm.”

Monsters Poem — Podcast
Gayle's 1st graders created poems in small groups; they recorded the poem using GarageBand and added music and sound effects. Using KidPix the students illustrated each line of their poem. These illustrations were saved as .jpg and imported into iPhoto. The students reopened their GarageBand poem and inserted their illustrations to match the lines of the poem. The poems were then saved as a podcast and posted on their class Web site.
An example is "Monsters."