Map of Haiti

Republic of Haiti (République d'Haïti) is the official name of the country.
Location: Island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea.
Area: 10,714 sq mi (27,750 km2).
Population: 7,000,000 (estimate).
Capital and Largest City: Port-au-Prince.
Major Language(s): French; Creole (both official).
Major Religious Group(s): Roman Catholic.
Government: Republic. Head of state—president. Head of government—prime minister (appointed by and shares power with the president). Legislature—National Assembly (consists of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies).
Chief Products: Agricultural—coffee, sugarcane, cacao, sisal, corn, rice, bananas, sweet potatoes. Manufactured—processed foods, metal products, machinery, textiles, assembled imported components (baseballs, toys, electronic products). Mineral—bauxite.
Monetary Unit: Gourde (1 gourde = 100 centimes).