A plague, the Curse of the Warmbloods, is spreading throughout the Underworld, and Gregor and Boots have no choice but to go back to try and save their friends.

But when the message finally came, it wasn’t news of his friends, it was a frantic cry for help. [Read from scroll.]

“Gregor, it is most urgent that we meet. I will be at the stair where Ares leaves you when the Overland clock strikes four. We are at your mercy. “The Prophecy of Blood” is upon us. Please do not fail your friends. Vikus.” [Put scroll away.]

However, when Gregor and his father arrived at the meeting place, Vikus wasn’t there. A giant rat named Ripred met them and told them about the plague affecting the humans, mice, rats, and bats of the Underworld. There were even three cases in the city Regalia itself. Vikus had ordered a meeting of all the warmbloods of the Underworld, and would send a giant bat for Gregor and Boots at midnight. Gregor knew he was a warrior, and a good one, but what could he do about a plague? Even Ripred admitted that. And as far as the part that Gregor and Boots played in the prophecy, Ripred was sure that it would be satisfied by their being at the meeting. Then they could go home, and let the doctors get on with their work. “But he’s strong, the strongest bat down there.”

Ripred left, and Gregor knew that the time for his third trip to the Underworld had come. He would do anything, anything and everything, if there was even a chance he could save his friend and bond-mate.