Graphic organizers provide the perfect opportunity for you to teach effective learning strategies. Encouraging individuals or small groups to complete graphic organizers at different stages of learning helps them to be come engaged and stay engaged.

Using the GRAPH IT! graphic organizer students will:

  • Collect and organize data
  • Draw conclusions
  • Compare and contrast sets of data

Graphing allows students to collect and organize data effectively, and to interpret that data to discover patterns, draw conclusions, and make predictions. Students can use this graphic organizer to organize and display statistical information in the form of bar graphs, picture graphs, line graphs, and coordinate graphs.

Graph It! Graphic Organizer
Graph It! Organizer

Download The File
50 Graphic Organizers for the Interactive Whiteboard: Graph It!
NOTE: if you don’t already have Notebook Interactive Viewer, you can access a free version of the SMART Notebook Express software with SMART Notebook Express .

To customize and save the PDF files on CD, you will need to download Adobe Reader , version 7.0 or higher. This download is available free of charge for Mac and PC systems.

How to Use the Organizer
Ask students to help you gather information about he class, for example, types of shoes, hair color, or number of siblings. Then demonstrate how to organize and display the information on the Graph It! Organizer. Write a title for the graph in the white space along the bottom edge, and fill in the shaded spaces along each axis with appropriate labels. Complete the graph, using the information you collected about the class. The ty0pe of graph you use will depend upon the kind of information you gather and how you want to interpret it. If the whole class is using the organizer to make the same type of graph, you may wish to fill in the labels before making copies for the students.

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About The Book
50 Graphic Organizers for the Interactive Whiteboard (Grades 2–5), by Jennifer Jacobson & Dottie Raymer, offers whiteboard-read graphic organizers for language arts, social studies, science, math, and study skills to make learning engaging and interactive. Includes a CD, which contains both PDF (Adobe Acrobat®) and Notebook (SMART Board®) versions of the pgraphic organizers in full color. These interactive files can be filled in either by hand or by typing on a keyboard and are perfect for modeling. A surefire way to engage all students and enhance their learning!

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