What you need:
• Please Say Please, by Margery Cuyler
• three sheets of drawing paper
• pencils, crayons, or other drawing materials
• stapler

Reading tips:
1. In Please Say Please, a proper penguin invites his ill-mannered animal friends over and corrects each of their uncouth behaviors.

2. While reading, ask your child what she thinks the proper behavior is before turning the page. Did she guess correctly?

3. Does your child recognize any of the bad habits? Who does she know who behaves like that animal?

To extend the reading:
1. With your child, create a list of "dos and don'ts" for your family's table. Try to find 10 different items — 5 dos and 5 don'ts.

2. Take the three pieces of paper, fold them in the center, and staple them together along the fold to create a book.

3. Write a "don't" on the left page of the book, and its companion "do" on the other.

4. Have your child illustrate each page by drawing a situation that shows each habit. Or he can use pictures from magazines to create a collage.

5. Ask him to decorate the cover of his book and title it.

6. Before your family's next meal, share the new book with everyone!

Learning benefits:
• Promotes politeness and respect
• Uses writing in a real-world context
• Boosts creativity