There is just no way that the Hanging Moss Community Pool can be closed on the hottest day of the summer . . . especially since Gloriana June Hemphill has celebrated all of her birthdays there since she was little, and the Fourth of July is right around the corner. There is no way that her best friend, Frankie, can be mean to her over just talking to the new “Yankee” in town, even if Frankie is just listening to his hateful, good-for-nothing older brother, J.T. And there is no way that her sister, Jesslyn, can be completely ignoring her, not after the summers she spent teaching Glory how to double dutch and play junk poker under their father’s nose.

But there are big changes coming to Mississippi in the Freedom Summer of 1964, and 12-year-old Glory is in the middle of them. In a town where racism divides nearly every part of everyday life into black and white, a small thing like drinking from the wrong water fountain can have big consequences. And Glory finds out that one little letter about segregation published in the town paper can bring about all kinds of unexpected changes.

Read Glory Be to read a story about an ordinary girl who decides to speak up for what she loves.