It may be fun to be a bad girl, but the consequences can be no fun at all. And changing from a bad boy to a good one isn’t as easy as it sounds. Will these two star-crossed lovers ever get together?

Booktalk One

Samantha wanted to have adventures instead of being perfect and boring. D wanted to clean up his act, stop doing the things he’d been doing for the last four years, and figure out what he was really made of.

Samantha and David were Riley’s two best friends, and she agreed to help them both.

D wanted to stick to the straight and narrow. Sam wanted to do anything except the straight and narrow. They didn’t know each other, and the only thing they had in common was Riley.

But then they met. Sparks flew. Sizzling glances were exchanged. A connection was made. Their worlds changed forever. What was next for the girl who wanted to be bad and the boy who wanted to be good?


Booktalk Two

The girl without a personality. The boy without a plan.

She has a list of things she’s never done.

He has a list of things he has to stop doing. What they don’t know is that they have pretty much the same things on their lists.

1. Try to change.

2. Stay out all night.

3. Do something that’s definitely a bad idea.

4. Go with the flow. (Sam) Stay away from drama. (D)

5. Make new friends.

6. Go out on a date with someone uncontrollable.

7. Learn to deal with things in a more productive manner.

8. Learn to speak an exotic new language and visit an exotic new place.

9. Lock lips with someone special.

10. Dress for success.

11. Go to a school dance.

12. Find the right person.

Sparks flew when they met. What would happen when they got to the end of their lists?


These booktalks were written by Joni Richards Bodart, university professor, author, consultant, librarian, and internationally known booktalker.