Are there ghosts roaming the Art Rooms of Ashbury High? Senior year at an Australian prep school unfolds in blog entries, letters, and exam essays to reveal a Gothic landscape of secrets and suspicions in The Ghosts of Ashbury High.

When the mysterious Riley and Amanda first show up at Ashbury High, they don't speak to anyone else. They vanish just before school pictures; they show up to parties for a few minutes and then leave without a sound. But soon enough, Riley and Amanda are setting school records in swimming, producing brilliant works of art, and bringing audiences to tears with their dramatic talents. Who are these people?

Meanwhile, Emily, a senior at Ashbury, becomes convinced that the ghost of a former student killed on campus is haunting the school. Trying to prove the ghost's existence, she stumbles onto a web of secrets, tragedy, and half-truths that stretch all the way back to the exiled Irish convicts who colonized Australia. What is the true history of the school?

Read The Ghosts of Ashbury High to put together the pieces of this complex puzzle.