Garth Hale is having a bad day. Not only has another doctor confirmed that he is dying, but he's also been mistakenly transported into the afterlife!

If only Frank Gallows had been paying closer attention to what he was doing, Garth wouldn't be in this situation. Frank works for an organization called the Supernatural Immigration Task Force. His job is to send ghosts back to the afterlife (that is, when he's not taking naps or stealing food). When Frank traps the skeletal horse to send it back, he breaks the number one rule of ghost catching – always make sure you have the ghost in sight when you send it back to the afterlife! Frank didn't realize that Garth was trapped underneath the horse when he sent it away, so Garth got sent to afterlife with it! Now Frank is determined to go and return Garth home.

Meanwhile, Garth has found himself in a land called Ghostopolis. He quickly makes friends with a ghost he calls Skinny, and also meets his own grandpa! Ghostopolis consists of the seven kingdoms of the afterlife and is run by a shady, mysterious creature named Vaughner. Ghostopolis used to be great, but ever since Vaughner started running the city, things have been falling apart.

Will Frank be able to rescue Garth and return him to his home, or will Vaughner stand in their way?

Find out what happens in Ghostopolis by Doug Tennapel.