Get Parents Involved

Parents can make all the difference in inspiring students to read. Download and distribute our Letter to Families Reproducible [PDF] filled with these great ideas:
  • Make the time. Establish quiet reading time after lunch or in the morning as a part of your child's daily summer routine. 
  • Shop smart. Look for children's books at garage sales, yard sales, or used-book stores.You could buy a whole summer's worth for a few dollars. 
  • Become an expert. Read up on reading! Check out “Be a Reading Coach,” “Make Your Home Reading Central,'' and more articles for parents on
  • Turn off the tv. During the summer, it's more important than ever to limit the number of hours of television children watch. 
  • Reward reading. It's okay to use incentives. Start a sticker chart and let your child earn new paperbacks or special outings with you.
  • Cook and read. As you prepare a meal together, have your child read the recipe aloud to you. 
  • Order up. Consider subscribing to children's magazines (such as Nick Jr. or Sports Illustrated for Kids).