Try this easy-to-make craft project for your Presidents' Day celebrations. Your students will love wearing their Washington masks.

What You Need

  • George Washington Mask Template printable, one per student
  • Cotton balls, at least four per student
  • 9- by 12-inch blue, red, and white construction paper, one sheet of each color per student
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencils
  • Red, blue, and black markers or crayons
  • Large craft sticks

What You Do:

  1. Have your students cut out the PDF template pieces.
  2. Students use pencils to trace the large hat template and the small hat template onto the blue construction paper.
  3. Students trace the medium hat template onto the red construction paper.
  4. Students trace the bow template and the head template onto the white construction paper.
  5. Then they cut out all five template pieces from the construction paper.
  6. The large blue hat piece should be glued onto the flat top of the white head piece.
  7. Help your students glue the medium hat and the small hat on top of the large blue hat to create a layered effect, as shown.
  8. Students use the red, blue, and black markers or crayons to decorate the bow piece.
  9. Next they glue the colored bow onto the face opposite the hat, underneath the chin.
  10. They can use the red, blue, and black markers or crayons to draw George Washington’s face onto the head. Include a smile and a big nose!
  11. Cotton balls on each side of the head, as shown, will be George Washington's hair. 
  12. Help your students glue a craft stick to the back of the completed head so they can hold the face like a mask.