Finally, The Five will fight together against the Old Ones, whose goal is absolute and utter destruction.

The Five, the Gatekeepers, were assembling. They'd been in battles before, but what waited for them now would call for all the strength, daring, and skills that they had. Matt, Pedro, Jaime and Scott were recovering, as much as they could, from their battle wounds, in the home of a friend in Peru, Professor Joanna Chambers. 

There they learned of a fifth Gatekeeper, a girl named Scarlett Adams. She had disappeared from St. Meredith's Church, and eighteen hours later had reappeared, still inside the church. The incident had made headlines all over the country. The boys knew that the church was the location of one of the Gatekeeper doors that allowed The Five to travel instantly from one part of the world to another.  Anyone else walking through the door faced a blank wall. Scarlett had gone through the door and disappeared, so she had to be the fifth Gatekeeper. 

The boys packed their things, and shared a last dinner with the professor. They would leave early in the morning for England and Scarlett Adams. In the middle of the night, they were attacked by dozens of zombies who had quietly surrounded the house. Defeat seemed inevitable, when a group of Incas, men who had protected them before, arrived and slaughtered the remaining zombies. The boys were safe, but they had to get to London as soon as they could, and find Scarlett before the Old Ones could find and capture her. The Old Ones were sure to have seen the newspaper articles, and would be making plans.

The boys had fought and lost battles before, but this time, if they could just find Scarlett, The Five would be together for the first time, at full strength, ready to fulfill the destiny that brought them all together. But nothing was ever simple or easy when dealing with the Old Ones, the Nightrise Corporation, and the other forces that joined them. This wouldn't be just a battle. This time, The Five would be fighting a war.