Follow Corey and his mother as they travel on the Underground Railroad, fleeing the master who has vowed to separate their family forever.

A preacher came round not too long ago, and after the preaching, he came to our cabin and talked about going north on the Underground Railroad. I hid under the table and listened very hard.

But everything changed the day I overheard Massa Hart say he was gonna sell Daddy to one of his cousins in the Deep South. Daddy’s a blacksmith, and the Massa said he’d get lots of money for him. That night, Daddy and Charles ran away. Mama and I worried and worried. We didn’t know what had happened to them till Mr. Renfield came to buy horses. It turned out that the horses were only an excuse. The real reason he was here was to take me and Mama north to Daddy. Mama didn’t want to go, because she’s gonna have a new baby.