It's going to be a summer unlike any Willa's ever had, full of weddings, work, surprises, love and friendship, that fit together in totally unexpected ways.

The peaceful summer that Willa expected is turning out to be anything but. Her best friend Tina, seems to be more interested in being friends with Ruby Sivler, whose family has lots of money, and thinks they should get special treatment because of it. They are interviewing all the hunky lifeguards, saying they're going to write a book on The Beach Boys of Cape Cod

Willa's boyfriend, JFK, just got a job at the Miami Dolphins training camp, and he'll be gone for a month. Baseball trumps girlfriend every time. He swears he won't forget her, but Willa's still afraid he will.  

Her Aunt Ruthie — her stepfather's big sister — is a fanatic environmentalist, and wants to be married at the Bramblebriar Inn, in just a week, and Willa's in charge of it — her first solo as a wedding planner.  

The whole community is fighting over whether sections of their private beach should be blocked to protect the mating and nesting grounds for three endangered bird species. 

And to top it off, Mrs. Sivler is opening a pet spa for dogs, a four star luxury resort, with beauty treatments, massages, private rooms, and gourmet dining, along with $20 bottles of their signature spring water. Cape Cod rents are sky-high, and it's hard for low income workers to find a place to live, yet dogs at Sivler's spa will be living better than most people! 

It looks like there will be enough fireworks to last all summer! It may not be peaceful, but it will definitely be exciting!