Since the death of Adrianne’s father, she has had to sacrifice everything she was used to - beautiful dresses, warm meals, and her long hair, sold to provide food for her sister, mother and aunt.

When it's decided that the family dog must be sold to save money, Adrianne's little sister Cecily becomes upset and runs away. Adrianne searches for her in a terrible storm, and finds her sister stranded in the sea. She goes in after Cecily, but something - or someone - pulls Adrianne deeper into the water. When she looks to see what is holding onto her, she is shocked to discover a beautiful mermaid. After fighting the mermaid off, Adrianne rescues Cecily but not before the mermaid claws large scratch marks onto Adrianne's arm.

What does the mermaid want with Adrianne and her sister? Are the sisters cursed? Find out by reading The Forbidden Sea by Sheila A. Nielson.