Little ones will love getting hands-on with paint while creating these pretty hearts.

What You Need:

  • Paint cups, four per student table
  • Red, pink, purple, and white paint
  • Paintbrushes, one per student
  • Heart shapes cut from cardboard, one per student
  • Aluminum foil cut into squares large enough to cover the heart shapes, one square per student
  • Glue
  • Tape

What You Do:

  1. To prepare for the craft, divide the paint into the paint cups so that each group of students has one cup of each color. Mix several drops of glue into each paint cup. The glue will help the paint stick to the foil and not flake off when dry.
  2. Tape a sheet of foil on top of the table for each of your students.
  3. Have your students brush paint onto the foil. Encourage the students to explore mixing the various paint colors. The students can use their hands instead of paint brushes if you’d like.
  4. When the students are done painting, set the foil aside to dry.
  5. Once the paint is dry, have the students turn the foil over, paint-side down. Have them place a cardboard heart on top of the foil.
  6. Help your students wrap the foil around the back of the cardboard heart. Any unpainted sections of foil should end up on the folded side so the front of the heart is completely painted.