When in doubt, always take a duck. These words may strike you as insane, but not ten-year-old Leo Fillmore. See, Leo and his father are maintenance workers at the strange Whippit Hotel. Nine floors of pure insanity taking up an entire block of prime Manhattan real estate. Daily life for Leo and his father consists of knowing the ins and outs of the hotel and managing the many odd problems — from walking the ducks to fixing the electrical problems in the robot room and making sure the frosting doesn’t melt in the cake room all while riding the double helix roller coaster elevator to each destination.

As if working at the Whippet wasn’t strange enough, life has started to become even weirder for Leo and his father. The hotel is becoming, well, sick. Merganzer Whippet, the eccentric owner, has been missing for more than 100 days and Ms. Sparks, the hotel manager, is beginning to act like a dictator.

Things are beginning to look bleak for Leo until he is greeted with a purple box with his name on it containing unusual instructions. Leo has two days to save the hotel by performing a variety of bizarre tasks. Armed with a moody duck, a helpful doorboy and a mysterious Mr. M, time is running out fast and Leo needs to set things right before it’s too late!

Action, adventure, some colored boxes and many ducks. Read Floors by Patrick Carmen, and find out what each floor has in store.