Whether you want to remind parents of upcoming conference times, update families on the latest classroom news, or let everyone know you need volunteers, this set of ready-to-go printables will come in handy. The following Parent-Teacher Communication Forms, Tools, and Tip Sheets are all available in this month's Fit to Print from Scholastic Teachables:

  • Ideas for Parent-Teacher Conferences, Open Houses, and Parent/Caregiver Communications

  • Classroom Update Newsletter

  • Parent-Teacher Conference Reminder and Confirmation Sheet

  • Open House Invitation

  • Parent-Teacher Conference Individual Student Check List

  • Parent/Caregiver Volunteer Reminder, Name Badge, and Thank-You Note

  • Parent-Caregiver-Teacher Communications Sheet

  • Parent/Caregiver Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet

  • Mystery Student! Guess Who I Am Activity Sheet

  • Note From Parent to Child Form

  • Blank Note Sheet


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