It was a beautiful sunny day on December 8, 2007, as we entered the Grappone Center in Concord, New Hampshire to interview the presidential candidate John Edwards. My name is Naomi Bamidele, and I represent Scholastic News. There were more than 100 people there, and they were loud and very excited. Many of the people who attended were health care workers.

It was exciting to be with other reporters from the Concord Monitor and the television station WMUR.

When John Edwards arrived, he was greeted by an uproar of clapping and shouts. I was nervous about talking with him. But when he shook my hand, I began to feel better about the interview to come.

He welcomed everyone to the event and began to tell us some interesting things about himself. He said that when he was in kindergarten, he wanted to be a cowboy and Superman! That made me smile. He also told the audience that his parents worked at a mill and that his grandfather was partially paralyzed. He spoke of the challenges facing America, such as global warming, health care for all Americans, and the war in Iraq.

I was fortunate enough to be able to ask John Edwards two questions. My first question was: Do you believe that people in government should go to jail if they do something illegal? He responded that he does believe that. I asked this question because in the news, we had just learned that the Central Intelligence Agency had destroyed tapes of torture. There could possibly be a trial, and CIA agents could be sentenced to jail.

I also asked him what he would do to improve race relations and ensure greater cultural integration. He said that more work needs to be done this issue and that it is challenging. He spoke of the importance of being sure that racial history is taught in today's classrooms.

I am pleased that i was able to interview John Edwards. The whole event reminded me that love for our country is very important and that we must find out about all of the candidates in order to vote for one who is honest and capable of leading the great country of America.