Nobody told Freedom Smith that his next mission would involve fire-breathing dragons!

Freedom Smith may have inherited the Hercules gene from his great-great-great-grandfather, so he’s superstrong, and he may have been recruited to work for Phoenix, a secret organization that investigated reports of the strange and unnatural, but he sure hadn’t expected he’d be the target of demons and dragons.

It was the girl Java who had brought up the subject of Screamer tapes, online videos of something that, when you leaned forward for a better look, suddenly leaped toward you and screamed. They were just pranks to scare friends with, weren’t they? Except that the tape Phoenix had seemed different. There was a man in a hooded robe, his head bowed. And just when it seemed like nothing was going to happen, the man looked up, the hood fell back, and there was a demonic face — glittering insect eyes, a slit of a mouth, long forked tongue that slid out from between needle sharp fangs. And then it screamed, and screamed, and screamed.

Nine of the kids who’d watched it had disappeared within 24 hours. Nine kids who were Indigos, who had brain waves that were faster, apparantly because of some kind of evolution in the brain. They may have had advanced brains, but as Freedom looked at their pictures, he thought they didn’t look like superanything — except maybe supergeeks. And now they included Java, a superrich, supersmart, pixie of a girl who didn’t know fear and who’d once saved Freedom’s life. He owed her. He couldn’t explain their connection, but he knew he had to save her.

But in order to save her, Freedom would have to face four huge dogs specially bred to kill, demons, dragons and other monsters he couldn’t even imagine. Would the Hercules gene and the fighting skills bred into him be enough to guarantee success?

Find out when Freedom faces the Fire Breathers of the Dragonis family, and ancient evil returned to life.