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It all started with David's letter. He was in the Arctic with Zanna and Dr. Bergstrom, researching global warming. Lucy decided to write back to him immediately, and when she went to look for his address, she found David's book contract. Liz, her mother, had promised to mail it, yet weeks later, here it was in the drawer, sealed, stamped, and unmailed. Lucy scooped it up and mailed it along with her own letter to David, never stopping to consider that her mother must have had a good reason for not mailing it.

Liz was horrified when Lucy told her she'd mailed the contract. She was positive it had been tainted by the evil sybil, Gwilanna. Mailing it had completed her spell. There was a mark on the contract exactly like the scratches Gwilanna had made on Zanna's arm, a wound that wouldn't heal. But, as she told Lucy, what's done is done, and now they could only deal with whatever would come of it.

Meanwhile, in the Arctic, David analyzed ice samples, worried about Zanna's arm, and began writing a strange new story about polar bears, an ancient tooth, a girl with the mark of Oomara, and a strange, yellow, glowing, pulsating star called the fire star. Just before David traveled north, G'reth, one of his dragons, had granted his wish that he would discover the secret of the fire tear of Gawaine, the last true dragon on earth. Could the fire tear and the fire star be connected somehow?

What's the link between the letter in the mail, Zanna's injured arm, the strange new story, and David's granted wish? What has Lucy set in motion, and where will it lead them all?

This booktalk was written by university professor, librarian, and booktalking expert Joni Richards Bodart.