Fever Crumb Video Booktalk

"Her name is Fever." These four words are the only clue to Fever Crumb's identity. When she was a baby, a man named Dr. Crumb found Fever abandoned in a basket, and decided to raise her.

Dr. Crumb is a highly respected member of the Order of Engineers, an organization that prides itself on rational reasoning and thought. For this very reason, no females have been allowed to join the Order of Engineers. You see, the Order believes that female minds are incapable of rational thought.

However, since Dr. Crumb has adopted Fever, the Order decided to make an exception. Perhaps if they can train a female mind from the very beginning, they can train her to think rationally. As Fever grows up, she becomes, at the age of 14, one of the Order's brightest and most rational students. 

But Fever starts to notice that she has a few differences from other members in the Order. She has two different colored eyes. One is brown and one is gray. She also has a long scar along the bottom of her skull. Where did it come from? She doesn't remember.

When Fever leaves Dr. Crumb's house to go on her first job alone in the big city, she starts experiencing weird sensations. Sights and smells and sounds that Fever has never experienced before are somehow bringing back memories. But whose memories? It's almost as if she's seeing another person's life in her own head. Is it Fever's forgotten childhood? Or is there something else going on?

Read Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve to discover who she is.