Common Core

Tips for incorporating core-standards into curriculm, CCSS-ready lesson plans, and advice on the latest developments of the Common Core.

Teaching with Complex Texts

Laura Robb shares six secrets for unlocking literacy instruction.


Math Class with Marilyn Burns

Math expert Marilyn Burns on embracing the Common Core practice standards to teach math more effectively.


How To: Create Common Core-Ready ELA Lessons

Teacher-tested ideas to help you meet the new ELA anchor standards.




Common Core: Assessments

The inside scoop on the PARCC and Smarter Balance assessments. Plus, key strategies for preparing students for the next tests.




Common Core: Reading in Science Class

Bring literacy lessons into the science lab with CCSS-ready activities. Activities support ELA Anchor standards.


Your Core Concerns

You asked, we answered. Our experts weigh in on your biggest questions about ELA Common Core from informational texts to English Language Learners. 

Common Core: Solve Math Problems

Help your students figure out why they aren't getting key math concepts.
John Tapper, author of Solving for Why, on making the most of CRA Assessments.



Common Core: Fact Vs. Fiction

Think informational text = boring? Reinvent your reading lessons with dinosaurs, artists, and geologists! Commonly asked questions about informational texts and the Common Core, plus a few lesson plans for inspiration.



Common Core: Victory is Yours

Stop worrying and love the Common Core with our tool kit of activities.
Lesson plans from fellow teachers help break down important CCSS benchmarks.




Teaching strategies, classroom management, and advice on child behavior.


Tech-Savvy Teaching

25 teacher-tested lesson ideas to engage your digital natives.


Banish Bullying

There are things you can do to help stop and prevent bullying. Here's where to start.


10 Tips for Fun Field Trips

A little troubleshooting makes out-of-classroom excursions a breeze.


How To: Survive (and Thrive!) Your First Year

Veteran elementary teacher and author Otis Kriegel shares 10 tips to help you survive (and thrive!) your first year.


How To: Organize Your Classroom

Love seeing how other teachers set up their rooms? We've got some absolutely fabulous spaces to share with you!



Instructor's Ultimate Summer Book List

20 new titles to satisfy every interest and keep students reading all summer long. Download an easy-to-print PDF version to share with your students.



Pam Allyn's 5 Tips for Summer Reading

Key strategies to prevent the summer slide and help kids discover the power of a good book.



Key Data on Kid Reading

Surprising new findings from Scholastic’s Kids & Family Reading Report.



50 Fabulous Apps for Teachers

Must-have apps for your smartphones and tablets.
From handwriting to virtual frog dissection these apps will invigorate your teaching.



STEM: K-8 Engineering

As more K-8 programs focus on science, technology, engineering, and math, teachers are finding that chaos creates learning opportunities.



Monet in Science Class?

Whether you're teaching science, social studies, or writing, integrating the arts will strengthen your curriculum and deepen students' understanding.

True Grit

We spoke with Paul Tough, Angela Duckworth, and Carol Dweck about the importance of teaching grit. Check out their tips for promoting strength, resilience, and perseverance among your students.


Essential Questions

The secret to teaching may be as simple as asking students goodquestions--and then giving them the opportunity to find the answers. Dr. Jeffrey D. Wilhelm talks inquiry-based learning.


10 Questions About Independent Reading

Reading expert Jennifer Serravallo answers your tough questions on how to make the most of independent time and helping students find just-right books for their reading level and interests.


Election Fever

Your students may not be able to vote (this time around!), but these activities will show them what it means to be a good citizen.


Turn Stress Into Success

10 tips from master educators that summarize new ways of thinking about frustrating situations. These surefire attitude adjusters will give you (and your students) a fresh start to the school year.




Resources to help you keep your career and personal goals on target.



1 Step Back, 3 Steps Forward

Fall is the perfect time to pause and perfect your routines and systems. Here are 5 great goals and solutions to help you get organized!





PD: Special Needs

Your kids have special abilities and needs, and as a special needs teacher, your classroom needs are very specific too. Here are a few top tips and tools for special needs teachers.


How To: Get the Grant

Score cash to fill your classroom needs—without spending a dime.
Plus, check out our handy grant calendar for tips on upcoming deadlines for a few great funding opportunities.


10 Tips for Packing Up Your Classroom

Expert advice for a stress-free classroom cleanup this summer.



Be a Leader

Become a school leader—without leaving the classroom.
11 tips from our experts on taking on leadership roles at your school.



10 to Achieve in the New Year

Resolve to eat well, plot your next move, and give back in 2013.
Popular New Year's resolutions for teachers and how to achieve them.


How to Ask Your Principal for Anything

All it takes is the right time, the right place, and a little forethought.What principals want to hear in a successful pitch for project funding and more.


Professional Development 2.0

Social Media for Teachers: learn tips, tricks, and teaching strategies with the next generation of PD resources. Plus, download an easy-to-print mini-poster to hang in your office.

Lessons from the Teacher of the Year: Rebecca


Rebecca Mieliwock, the 2012 National Teacher of the Year, on teaching as a team sport, making sense of middle schoolers, and the art of subversive teaching. Plus, 5 tips for teaching middle school.


Plan for Plants

If one of your goals this year is to start a class garden, it's already time to start planning! Check out our step-by-step guide to starting a school garden to find activities for each season.

No Gym Required

We spoke with organizers of some the best school walking and running programs in the United States—including a group of former Olympic athletes—and asked how they did it.


Month-by-Month Career Planner

Use the ideas in our handy monthly planner to help you get organized for a successful school year.


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