Use Painter's Caddies
As you begin to identify and collect your favorite books through book orders, school book fairs, and trips to the local bookstore, assemble them in one convenient place in your classroom. Storing favorite books in "painter's caddies," (two-sided trays with a handle on top found in the hardware section of most discount stores) makes the books easily carried from one place to another in the classroom.

Create a Favorite Books Research Center

Your collection of favorite books will become a research center where students can explore books independently. During writers workshop, when Collin claims he has nothing to write about, I send him to the Favorite Books Center where he can peruse the words written by expert authors and eventually gain inspiration for his own new story.

When Stephanie finishes her morning work a full ten minutes before the rest of the class, I send her to the Favorite Books Center to compile a list of words containing long vowel sounds, for example. Students look forward to revisiting these favorite books in new ways.