Ralph and Sylvia and Mavis are at it again, helping make the world a saner, safer place for fat people, and this time they’ve gone out West to do it!

Thar’s a range war a’brewin’, partner, and Ralph, Sylvia, and Mavis, the Fat Camp Commandos, are in the center of it! When Ralph and Sylvia’s parents went off with Mavis’s parents to study Komodo dragons, the FCCs ended up at Rough Ridin’ Rudy’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Rancho (after a brief stop at Deepdip Cha-Cha’s Ashram for Kids.) It was Mavis’s idea, and she even brought along Shlermie to cook for them. The range war is about to begin between Rudy’s fat cowboys who want the West to be just the way it used to be, and the folks from The Friendly Zucchini Holistic Retreat and Duck Farm, who wanted the cowboys to clean up and lose weight and stop polluting the countryside. And Mavis is determined to stop that war before it gets started, no matter how difficult it is! And she points out to Ralph and Sylvia that while the town of Horny Toad isn’t the best place for dude ranches or health farms, it is a great place for UFOs. In just two days a whole fleet of flying saucers will be landing in Horny Toad, making it the hottest tourist destination in the country. With all those tourists, everyone will make money!

Mavis says it’ll be simple, a cinch! But that’s before she starts explaining her plans to Ralph and Sylvia. And the more they hear, the more complicated it seems to become. Can the FCCs conquer the West? Saddle up, partner, and come along and find out!