Learn about each other as you create a bulletin board.

What You Need:
  • butcher paper or construction paper
  • tape
  • markers
  • crayons
  • photo of your child and your child's school
  • family photos

What You Do Together:

1 Invite your child to make a family bulletin board with you. You can use a large sheet of butcher paper or tape together four sheets of construction paper. Write "Family News" at the top of the bulletin board.

2 Ask your child to choose a photo of herself to place on the board. Encourage her to describe herself and to tell you some of the things she likes to do at home. Write her comments on the board. Invite your child to draw pictures of herself doing her favorite activities.

3 Encourage your child to tell you about what she likes to do at school. If possible, add photos of your child's school and classmates to the board. Invite your child to draw pictures of herself doing her favorite school activities.

4 Ask your child what else she would like to put on the bulletin board. You might suggest that she include a recipe for her favorite treat, a description of something fun she recently did at home or school, and any drawings she's made that she's proud of.

5 Put a photo of yourself on the board, and write about the things you like to do at home. Then encourage your child to invite other family members to add to the bulletin board. They can include photos of themselves, drawings, descriptions of things they've done, and any other information they wish to share.

More Ways to Learn

Partner Play. Tell your child your favorite activity to do at home and ask her to tell you about hers. Invite her to join you in doing your favorite thing, and explain that when you're done you can both do her favorite thing. Have fun playing together. Then talk about the two activities; telling her what you liked about the one she chose. Ask her to tell you what she liked or didn't like about your activity. Your child can share favorite activities with other family members too. 

Favorite Foods. Have a family potluck picnic, inviting everyone to work together to make favorite dishes. Write the recipes for the foods everyone selects on separate sheets of paper. Be sure to include your favorite too! Your child and his siblings can illustrate the recipes if they wish. Then attach the pages to create a "Family Favorites Cookbook." Gather for the picnic and enjoy the variety!

This activity originally appeared in the August, 1998 issue of Early Childhood Today.