Dear Parents:

We've been enjoying a wide variety of art projects in the classroom. Here's a simple project you can do at home that will not only inspire your "young artist" but reinforce learning in areas including recognizing and discriminating among shapes and colors, sequencing, and recognizing patterns.

Press, Paint, N' Play!
  1. Collect objects around the house that children can press into paint and press on paper (empty plastic pudding cups, plastic bottle caps, corks, cardboard coasters, jar lids, and the like).
  2. Invite your child to press the objects gently into small cups of paint and press them onto a large sheet of blank paper.
  3. Talk with your child about the different shapes he is making and the colors he is using.
  4. See if your child can make a pattern on the paper by pressing the objects in a specific sequence on the paper (pudding cup, bottle cap, cork..pudding cup, bottle cap, cork).
  5. Later, see if your child can point to the different impressions on the paper and recall the objects that made the impressions.