Greatest Amount (annual)
Asia11,867467.2Mawsynram, India
Africa10,280404.6Debundscha, Cameroon
South America8,990354.0Quibdo, Colombia
Australia8,636340.0Bellenden Ker, Queensland
North America6,650256.0Henderson Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Europe4,650182.8Crkvica, Croatia
Least Amount (annual)
South America0.80.03Arica, Chile
Africa2.50.1Wadi Halfa, Sudan
Antarctica20.3*0.8South Pole Station
North America30.51.2Batagues, Mexico
Asia45.71.8Aden, Yemen
Australia102.94.05Mulka, South Australia
Europe162.66.4Astrakhan, Russia

  • * The value given is the average of solid snow accumulating in one year as indicated