Meet Polly Greenberg, former editor of the NAEYC's Young Children journal. A child/parent/staff development specialist for over 40 years, Polly has plenty of great advice for early childhood professionals. Listen to Polly's answers to frequently asked questions about early childhood education.

I have an extremely difficult boy in my class. What do you suggest that I do with him? (To read a transcript, click here.)

My class is lively and spirited, but sometimes gets a little too loud and out of control. (To read a transcript, click here.)

There is a very selfish, self-centered girl in my class. I have told her to think about other people's feelings and to share. Nothing works. (To read a transcript, click here.)

Several parents want their children to do very little alphabet and phonics work. Other parents are gung ho for it. What's your opinion about this? (To read a transcript, click here.)

Our preschool classes have more children to teachers than the ratio recommended by NAEYC, but our budget is tight. (To read a transcript, click here.)

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