The Nexus is back, demanding that Matt work with them to discover and close another Gate, this one in Peru.

It seemed inevitable. No matter what Matt did to get away from the Nexus, he couldn’t escape. The twelve people who knew what had happened at Raven’s Gate were determined to persuade him to work with them, and the more he struggled to get away, the more entangled he became.

It started when Matt came home from school one day to find two members of the Nexus talking to Richard, the man he lived with. They told a strange and disturbing tale about an old diary, written by a sixteenth-century monk, that predicted not only cars, computers, and satellites, but also the possibility of another World War, many times more destructive than the previous ones, and the location of another Gate that had to be closed or destroyed. It also mentioned The Five, and the fact that Matt was one of them, four boys and a girl.

William Morton, the bookseller who owned the diary, demanded to meet Matt to see if he really was one of The Five. If he was, Merton would sell the diary to the Nexus. If he wasn’t, Merton would sell it to a reclusive South American businessman. Matt reluctantly agreed to go to the meeting and get the diary, but things didn’t go as planned. Merton was murdered, and the diary was gone.

That was the reason Matt and Richard were on their way to Peru. Diego Salamanda, the businessman willing to pay two million dollars for the diary, was there. The second gate was there, somewhere. And the second member of The Five, a street kid who didn’t speak English, was there. Matt had no choice but to go there too. Raven’s Gate had changed his life and his destiny forever. There was no way out. Strange forces were all around him, controlling him, and would never let him go.