Everlasting Video Booktalk

Seventeen and engaged. Camille had only been seeing Randall two months before he proposed. The one suitor every girl in San Francisco swooned over chose Camille. . .even though she prefers traveling to exotic places with her father over staying in San Francisco for the ridiculous balls, parties, and lessons revolving around coming-out season.

Voyage by sea has always been Camille's passion. But Randall insists that this hopping from port to port will end after the wedding. At least she has one final voyage planned before the wedding—a trip to Australia with her father and the enigmatic sailor, Oscar, with whom she had always felt a special connection. One more voyage to feel free on the open sea.

Once the ship embarks, Camille finds a letter from her mother...the mother that was supposed to have passed away giving birth to her. Camille can't wait to meet the mother she'd always believed to be dead. But the ship doesn't make it to shore after Camille speaks the name of the strange place mentioned in her mother's letter—Umandu. A wild storm picks up and throws Camille, Oscar, and her father off the ship and into the angry ocean.

Will Camille ever make it to Port Adelaide to meet her mother? Will she ever understand why her father lied about their past? With a divided heart, Camille is determined to press on to meet her mother and make sense of just what exactly is going on.