From Unit Plan: Endangered Ecosystems 


Grades K-3

Wonderful Worms by Linda Glaser, Loretta Krupinski (Illustrator) (Grades PreK-K)
Simple informational text and full-color illustrations encourage an appreciation for the small creatures of the earth by explaining the vital role that earthworms play in the planet's ecosystem.

My River : Big Book Unit by Shari Halpern (Grades K-2)
Learn from creatures like turtles, eels, dragonflies, ducks, and many others who live in and by a river, about why rivers are important and why we must care for them.

Sidewalk Science Series Dirt : Classroom Pack (Grades 2-4)
Help Save the Park! Kids gather data to prove the park is in trouble. They learn all about Earth Science: what dirt is made of; what is the ecosystem that lives under the dirt; how contaminated dirt harms us; what makes dirt move and how we can improve it.

Life in the Rainforests : Animals People Plants  by Lucy Baker (Grades 1-4)
Beautiful color photographs and illustrations offer an exciting introduction to the people, plants, and animals that are found in various parts of the world.

Grades 4-8

Animals and Nature by Janine Amos, Laurence Pringle, Andrew Solway, Lindy Norton (Illustrator)
(Grades 3-5)
This highlights a splendid variety of 140 animals-from alligators to zebras, and many in between! Most of the animals featured are common to kids' experience, whether found in their neighborhoods or at the zoo. With spectacular photographs of each animal and a discussion of physical characteristics, behaviors, and habitats, this is a fascinating and useful reference for any child interested in the animal kingdom.


Grades 4-8

Rainforest Designer : 5 computer license (Grades 2-6)
Bring the excitement of the rainforest into your classroom! With Rainforest Designer, students can easily design authentic rainforest habitats to print and assemble as 3-D dioramas or wall-size posters. Choose any layer of the rainforest and select from hundreds of animals, plants, people, and objects to create original rainforest scenes.

Choices, Choices: Kids and the Environment : 5 computer license (Grades 2-6)
Kids face difficult choices every day, balancing their own values with the expectations of friends, parents, and teachers. Choices, Choices helps students develop the skills and awareness they need to make wise choices and to think through the consequences of their actions. Students will have to discuss waste disposal, safety, recycling, source reduction, social responsibility, and much more as they make choices tackling this messy situation.

Decisions, Decisions 5.0 The Environment : 1-Computer License (Grades 5-10)
Decisions, Decisions: The Environment is a wonderfully rich mix of science and social studies. Students interpret science and then apply what they learn to make public policy decision.
Topics covered:
Land Use
Economics and the Environment
Local and Global Environments

Web Links

National Geographic Xpeditions: Preserving Biodiversity
National Geographic gets students to map the location of endangered species. Lesson plans for all grades included from K-2 Elementary Ecosystems to grades 9-12 Can Captive Breeding Save Species.

Students can find information on a variety of topics including wildlife, energy, and the environment both with interactive content and games.

PBS: Journey to Planet Earth
Based on the TV series, this site offers a wealth of written material as well as video clips. Topics include river life, urban growth, agriculture, and ecosystems. More educational resources available.

The Bell Museum of Natural History: Build-A-Prairie
Use this interactive, step-by-step experience for students to think about all the components that make a healthy ecosystem. Users must pick the vegetation and animal life that creates a healthy prairie.

World Wildlife Fund: Endangered Wildlife
Learn about pandas, gorillas, whales, elephants and more with in-depth articles and interactive activities as well as call to action for kids.
Search for more ocean life teacher resources and student activities by grade at AOL@School.