Spy Kids
I went on a camping trip with my son’s Scout pack and one of my students was also on the trip. He followed me around all weekend at a slight distance, spying on me with his binoculars!
—Kristin I.

Grape Expectations
A student saw me in the supermarket at the self-checkout line. I heard her yelling at the top of her lungs, “Look, Mom! Ms. O. eats grapes!”
—Marie O.

School Patrol
I ran into one of my students at Walmart. He looked at me with panic in his eyes and said, “Are you here to take me to school?”
—Jessica E.

A Mighty Wind
“Hey, Mom! It’s Mr. R. We call him ‘The Wind.’ I told you he’s everywhere.”
—Ken R.

Trick or Treat?
When I answered the doorbell to give out Halloween candy, one of my students was so surprised to see me he dropped his bag. Finally, he asked, “Is this your house? Do you really live here?” He just couldn’t believe I lived somewhere other than in my classroom.
—Staci F.

Mysterious Origins
I was shopping at a store with my mother and saw one of my kindergarten students with her parents. I introduced her to my mom and she said, “You have a mom?!”
—Kristy C.

Join the Club
A parent approached me at Costco. She said hello and pointed out her daughter, who was hiding behind one of the clothing tables nearby and watching me shop. Poor kid couldn’t wrap her brain around the fact that her teacher also shops at Costco.
—Joy U.

The Great Escape
I saw one of my first graders at the local pharmacy one evening and he exclaimed, “Ms. Mata, what in the world are you doing here? You’re supposed to be at school!”
—Mónica M.

Other Half
I ran into a student from my PPCD class at Walmart. He hugged me, and then looked around, asking, “Finch? Where’s Finch?” Ms. Finch was my co-teacher, and I guess he thought we should always be together!
—Valerie K.

Second Job
We had a school fundraiser at a local ice cream shop and I was helping scoop ice cream. One of my first graders came in and said, with tears in her eyes, “You work here now? You won’t be back at school tomorrow?”
—Becca K.

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Illustration: Victoria Roberts