Never Look a Gift Frog in the Mouth!

Kermit and Friends
A live frog. It was in a doughnut bag…and then the bag moved across my desk.
Kathleen W.

Silver Medal
A heartfelt letter in which the student told me I was her second-favorite teacher. I don’t know who number one is.
Becky G.

Cinderella Story
High-heeled silver sandals with bells on them. One size 6 and one size 7, both for the right foot.
Sally K.

Killer Tomato
A tomato. “The biggest one Walmart had,” the student said.
—Joyce S.

Family Matters
A mug from SeaWorld that said NICEST NIECE.
Seema B.

Recycled Romance
A used Valentine card. My third grader scratched out his mom’s and dad’s names and replaced them with his and mine!
Liz M.

Cleanup Crew
A water pistol and a drawing of a vacuum cleaner for my birthday from one of my 5-year-old students.
Catherine T.

Crazy Eyes
A single googly eye we called the “crazy eye” that semester.
Melissa M.

Frosty the Mud-Man
A “snowman” made from three balls of dried mud! It was given with true sincerity and still brings a smile.
Sue L.

Empire State of Mind
A coffee mug that said: "I’m from New York. What’s your excuse?" I live in Illinois.
Kristi M.

Risqué Reading
A Harlequin novel for Valentine’s Day. I know I’m an avid reader but…
Britta G.

Just Plain Nutty
An acorn, in case I saw a squirrel.
—Linda G.


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