After singing the morning song, one of my second graders said to me, “You sing so good, you should go to Vegas!”
—Karen H.

Petting Time
“I like your skin. It’s so fluffy.” Fluffy?
—Anna H.

King of the Classroom
A student told me I reminded her of a lion, proud with a flowing blonde mane. I was way overdue for a haircut.
—Terri M.

Fresh as a Stationery Shop
“You smell good, like an eraser!”
—Hilary R.

Wise Guy
I told a nonstop talker not to open his mouth, again. In typical middle school fashion, he intentionally opened it as wide as he could. When he came back from the office, he apologized and said, “You’re so beautiful when you’re angry, my jaw dropped!”
—Jennifer V.

Sweet Praise
One Friday, a student said, “Mrs. H., you’re better than ice cream, marshmallows, and candy canes combined.” Just what I needed.
—Allison H.

The Eyes Have It
A student told me she liked my eyeballs.
—Cindy B.

“I like your face today.”
—Rachel B.

Kid Comparison
My all-time favorite from one of my preschoolers: “Mrs. D., you would look just like a kid if it weren’t for your face.”
—Robin D. M.

Mirror Writing
When I taught first grade, I received a note that said, “You are the pest.”
—Rhonda S. C.

Sinking Ship
“The Titanic reminds me of you.”
—Kelly B.

Fashion Police
“Mrs. J., only you can make that ugly shirt look nice.”
—Hayley J.

Dream Boat
Your hair looks better than Matthew McConaughey.
—Cindy B.

Silver Medal
I was handed a note by a third grader that said, “You are my second-favorite teacher.”
—Sam S.

Hair Model
One of my students told me that for Crazy Hair Day he was going to make his hair look just like mine!
—Kris F.

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Illustration: Victoria Roberts