President Clooney?
When talking about American presidents, I asked a student who was the first. When he didn’t answer, I prompted, “George….” He proudly shouted, “George Clooney!”
Ashley E.

Quirky Compliment
The morning after I colored my hair red, one of my eighth-grade boys exclaimed, “Mrs. Dunham, I like your hair. It matches the lockers!” Yep…that’s the look I was going for.
Barbara D.

North Pole 101
I was teaching a chocolate chemistry class to preschoolers and asked them where they thought chocolate comes from. One little boy didn’t hesitate for a second, shouting, “Santa!”
Clementine C.

Full Confession
After teaching the vocabulary word lounge, I had my kindergartners pair-share. I shared with one little girl who didn’t have a partner.
Me: I lounge when I get home from school.
Student: I lounge when I go to sleep.
Me: I lounge on the weekend.
Student (whispering in my ear): I lounge in school when you aren’t looking!
Sheri T.

Lesson Learned
While discussing the -ag word family in my first-grade class, students came up with nag. I explained the meaning and we finished our day. Two days later, I was reminding them they needed to work quietly. One boy said, “You’re nagging us, right, Mrs. Brown?”
Rebecca B.

Silly Rabbit
When kindergartners were putting up their paintings in the hallway, I said, “Those are masterpieces!” One said, “No, those are bunnies.”
Lyssa S.

Monster Inventor
I was tutoring kids in science and showed them a picture of Albert Einstein. I asked them to identify him and one child said, “I know! It’s Al Frankenstein!”
Dee O.

Job Interview
I’d been pulling students out for reading intervention for about seven weeks when one of my kiddos asked me what my job was. I hope that means he was having fun with me and didn’t really think of it as work!
Jennifer A.

Capital Conventions
My eighth graders were reading a short story when one boy started yelling his part. I was trying not to embarrass him, but I didn’t know what to say. When he saw me looking at him, he said, “What? Isn’t that how you read stuff that’s in all-capital letters?”
Cary C.


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