Smell the Roses
A bar of soap with a note attached stating, “I’m not saying you stink.”
—Stephanie R.

Wild Child
A coupon for a free tattoo at the local tat shop. I framed it!
—Adria C.

Taste Test
A peach with a bite taken out of it. He said he wanted to be sure he gave me a “good” one!
—Tahira S.

A Beautiful Bottle
My first year teaching, 34 years ago, a little girl gave me an empty perfume bottle for Christmas. I asked her if she had spilled it on the way to school. She said no, she hadn’t, and that her momma knew it was empty when she wrapped it. I thanked her for the pretty bottle and have had a good laugh for many years.
—Charlotte F.

No Summertime Blues
At the end of one of my teacher field experiences, I received a beautiful handmade card that read, “I will miss you” on the outside. The inside said, “But it’s summer.”
—Katie M.

Beauty Advice
Blush. His mom thought I looked pale.
—Elizabeth H.

Gifters Keepers
One year for my birthday, a student brought me a gift: a mug and a balloon. I set them behind my desk, but at the end of the day I couldn’t find them. Then I noticed he was walking away with his gift. He’d decided to take it back.
—Karen B.

Gory Illustrations
Years ago, I was in a serious car accident and I missed a week of school. My first graders made me cards. I still laugh when I look at them, as several of the cards have drawings of me lying, bleeding, on the ground at the accident scene.
—Cheryl K.

Prized Possession
During my internship, a third grader came to school with a collapsible lunch box and asked me not to look in it until he left. I abided by his wishes. After school, I saw he had wrapped up his Nintendo 64 console, a controller, and a video game for me. Needless to say, I returned it to him the very next day!
—Candice W.

A dollar. He said I worked hard, so I deserved it.
—Caroline L.

’Tis The Season?
One of my students gave me a disposable Christmas plate and cup along with a red paper napkin. It was September.
—Jessica E.

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Photo: Istockphoto (Stack of soap); Robynmac/Istockphoto (Tag)