Science Stars
We were working on science-fair projects and a paper had fallen to the floor. One of my fifth graders picked it up and said, “Who’s doing their project on Beyoncé?” (The project was on buoyancy.)
—Marcie S.

Am I Bugging You?
I have an amazing second grader who crawls around the classroom like a bug, trying to scare me. It hasn’t worked yet.
Rebecca S.

Animal Planet
Before the chairs were even down for the day, a student walked up to me and said, “Mrs. G., when an elephant drinks through his trunk, does it taste like boogers?”
Judi G.

Third Rock From the Sun
When I told my students that the sun is 93 million miles from Earth, one student remarked, “Now that’s a long-distance relationship!” It had me cracking up all day!
—Jenny M.

Dreaming of Middle Age
Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Student: A 40-year-old man. I’ve only got 31 years to go!
Caitlin D.

History’s Mysteries
In a discussion about Booker T. Washington and his support for a skilled education for former slaves, I mentioned masonry and carpentry as examples of skills that former slaves might have learned. One of my sixth graders raised her hand and commented that she “didn’t know they had carpets back then.”
Kelli Z.

Out of Context
One child, who told me every day at school how much he loved me, saw me at a store and asked, “Do you work at my school?”
Kim S.

Tough Job
Student 1: I never want to be a teacher when I grow up. Teachers work too hard!
Student 2: And the kids are crazy. I would get a headache every day!
Crystal R.

Blink and you’ll Miss it
Recently, one of my kinders told me she really liked my “eyeflashes.” LOL.
Katrina M.

Trading Words
When I take roll, I ask my students to respond by saying “Good morning,” “Here,” or “Present.” One morning, a student answered, “Surprise!” It took me a minute to realize he meant to say “Present!”
Tracy H. O.

Crazy Dance
I got to the last page of I Went Walking, and was trying to get my ELL students to say that the boy was dancing. I said, “The boy looks like he is…?” One student said, “Crazy. He looks crazy!” I burst into laughter, and the class soon followed.
Marrissa R. J. 

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