What was the biggest "LOL" moment in your class this year?

Sound It Out
Student: How do you spell DNA?
Mandi S.

A Bug’s Life
A boy in my class asked if there were any boy bugs, since there are ladybugs. My educational assistant said, “Well, there is the praying MAN-tis.” She then asked a girl if there were any other man bugs. The girl said, “Stinkbugs!”
Kimber T. S.

Catch Me If You Can
An excuse-from-recess note written on classroom paper in the student’s handwriting said, “Ava is got a coufh. Pleaze keep her in at resess today.”
Karen J.

Tasty Tresses
I overheard one of my kiddos tell a parent that her hair smelled like sugar and looked like macaroni!
Robin B. H.

Home Away from Home
I was walking alongside incoming kindergarten students as they were touring the school. When I asked the child of a school staff member where we were going next, he said, “My mommy’s room. It’s where she lives!” Yep, he’s a teacher’s kid.
Teresa R.

Lady Tech
During social studies, we were talking about symbols and landmarks. There was a picture of the Statue of Liberty. A student asked what book she was holding. I told him it was a tablet. Then all my students said, “Wooow, she had a tablet!” It took me a few to realize what tablet they were taking about. Oh, technology!
Elena A.

“Mrs. G., did you know your hair was turning white again?”
Carianna G.

Miracle Grow
My students went running up to their plants to see if they had sprouted … 10 minutes after planting.
Jenna A.

Watered-Down Words
It was the first day of school, and the last class of the day was a group of eighth graders. I asked
how their day went, if there were any problems, etc. One student said, “Miss! I’m so irrigated!” We laughed about that all year long.
Kelly A.

Flat Earth Theory
One of my seventh-grade students asked me what was “on the back of Earth”… as though it were flat.
Stephanie O.

Literal Thinkers
It cracks me up when I comment, “Who knew?” to my first graders and about six of them raise their hands and say, “I knew!”
Colleen H