Bring in the Clowns
When I was student-teaching second grade, a child told me, “I really like your eye shadow. It looks like a clown!” I never wore that color combo again.
Michelle L.

Third-Place Winner
With big, sincere smile: “You’re my third-favorite teacher!”
Linda G.

Happy Early Birthday
One of my first years’ teaching, my class made me a Happy 30th Birthday card. When I told them I wasn’t yet 30, they said, “We guessed you were, like, 40, so we thought you’d like getting a 30th birthday card!”
Jenna O.

Law of Attraction
“You really like science. I bet you talk to your magnets when we are gone.”
Cindy P.

Wordy Praise
“You’re the best teacher in the whole world! You’re even better than the dictionary!”
Mindy S.

Straight to Goodwill
My first year, I wore a suit with beautiful embroidery work on the jacket. I thought I looked professional. Then one of my kids came up to me and said, “I really like your suit. My grandmother was laid out in a suit just like it.” I never wore it again.
Karen D. M.

Graduation Day
One of my kindergarten boys patted my arm and told me that when I grow up, I can teach first grade.
Trichel H.

Badge of Shame
“Is that a picture of when you used to be old?” [pointing at my ID badge]
Justine G.

Weird in a Good Way
A student said, “You are like Ms. Frizzle” (from The Magic School Bus series). I asked how. She answered, “You are kind of weird.”
Joan C.

The look of pity in their eyes when I say that I started out teaching fifth grade, then fourth, and now third.
Tammy B.

Planetary Praise
I was wearing a striped sweater and a student said, “Hey, you look like Jupiter today!”
Becky W.

Punctuation Error???
I got handed a note that said, “Best Teacher Ever???”
Heather R.

Well Defined
Vast means great in size, immense. Now, can someone use the word vast in a sentence?” “Mrs. Housey is very vast.” Uhmph! I was pregnant.
Amber H.

Head of the Class
One of my kindergartners told me she liked my head.
Susan M. E.

Toothsome Compliment
“Is your mom or dad a dentist? ’Cause you have really nice teeth!”
Annie C.

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