What are some of the funniest questions your students have ever asked you?

Friendly Fairies
While learning about community helpers in kindergarten, a student asked, “Isn’t the Tooth Fairy a community helper?”
Leischen C.

It’s All Geometry!
The mayor visited our class for Read Across America day and students were asking him questions about his job. One student asked him if he lived in a trapezoid. I had the student repeat his question since we thought we had misunderstood what he was saying. But he repeated the same question loud and clear. We figured out he wanted to ask the mayor if he lived in the Pentagon!
Doreen L.

What’s In a Name?
After finishing A Christmas Carol, one of my students asked: “Who’s Carol?”
—Tracy N.

Magic Beans
After planting beans, a second-grade girl asked, “When the beans grow, will Jack be at the top?”
Joy H.

Nature’s Presidents
“Is Mount Rushmore a natural phenomenon?”
Helen K.

Time Flies
I had a student ask me if they had history when I was a kid. I responded, “Yes, but the books were not quite as thick back then.”
Rita R.

Repeat Offender
After a spelling pretest, I asked students to write the words they missed. One asked, “Do you want me to write them the way I spelled them or the ‘correct’ way?”
Carole P.

BFF: Best Founding Father
“What was Thomas Jefferson really like?”
Pat M.

PB & Jellyfish
“I get where grape jelly comes from, but what flavor comes from jellyfish?”
Heidi C.

Reality TV
“Back in the old days, was it black, white, and brown outside or were there colors?”
Nichole H.

It’s Not Easy Being Green
“Is okra a plant or a frog?”
Michele H.

Ancient ’80s
Me: “A long time ago, kids weren’t made to go to school.” First grader: “That was in the eighties, right?”
Lynsey B.

Freaky Friday
After telling my kindergartners there would be a substitute teacher during my absence, one of the boys asked me if a substitute student would come to school when he is absent.
Bette N.